The Mamma Connection Story

At 45 Chrissie Young found herself pregnant. With an energetic 13 year old, a demanding business that saw her working 70 hour weeks and a partner of three years who lived over an hour away, this was by no means the traditional ‘boy meets girl and they have a baby’ story.

Excited, nervous and overwhelmed all at the same time, Chrissie reentered a world of morning sickness, ultrasounds and pram shopping that she thought was long gone. She also constantly browsed the web looking for information, forums and stories from other new mums but struggled to find what she was searching for.

Chrissie longed to feel connected with women sharing the same experiences as her – a feeling that only intensified after her baby arrived. So with a background in writing and digital marketing it made sense to launch her own platform, The Mamma Connection, to bring these women together and share their stories.
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